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  • Bingo Jackpots

    • $1,081

      Magic Ball

      The first number out for the Bonanza Game will be the Magic Ball. Covers all main Games. Once hit will restart the following session.

    • Starburst Mini’s

      Bingo on the star wins jackpot 1 / jackpot 2. Once jackpot 1 has been hit jackpot 2 is available.

    • $588

      Starburst Mini’s Jackpot 1

    • $808

      Starburst Mini’s Jackpot 2

    • $660

      Double Action 9-Pack

      Bingo in 12 numbers or less.

    • $3,780

      Double Action Coverall

      Bingo in 35 numbers or less.

    • $8,100

      Sizzling 7

      Bingo in 20 numbers or less to win.

    • $9,800

      Salt River

      Coverall in 52 numbers or less to win in Part 3 of the Salt River Jackpot.

    • $88,200


      Select 8 of your favorites or "Quick Pick." Get all 8 in 20 or fewer calls to win.

    • $29,400


      The first 45 numbers are pre-called. Bingo in 50 numbers or less to win.

    • $4,250


      Get a coverall in fewer than 50 numbers called to win.

  • Super Game

    Top Left 53#s $1,000
    Top Right 50#s $3,000
    Bottom Left 50#s $5,000
    Bottom Right 50#s $7,000
  • The Valley's Best Bingo Value!

    • Lowest minimum pricing on electronic PHD’s
    • Highest payouts
    • No rental fees
    • 3 levels of Bingo…more choices
    • More game cards per pack
    • Highest discounted packages (40% savings)
    • Largest Bonanza progressive
    • Easiest Bingo Bonanza progressive jackpot to win in Arizona. Win in 50 numbers
    • More progressives (6) than any other Bingo Hall

    Late Night Bingo!

    Play Your Way at Casino Arizona's Bingo Hall!

    Grab a bingo dauber and your lucky troll, because Bingo is back at Casino Arizona. Our 1000-seat Bingo Hall is the premier Bingo location in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Enjoy great food and drinks, and catch the latest action on one of the many flat screen TVs throughout the Bingo Hall.

    • Brand new 1,000-seat Bingo Hall
    • 16 sessions each week
    • L8 Nite Bingo Fridays and Saturdays
    • Giant flat-screen TVs
    • Food & drink specials
    • "GemHunt" speed bingo - An Arizona exclusive

    While you're playing the slots or other exciting games, join us for Bingo and the chance to win amazing prizes and other fantastic giveaways.

    Bingo Etiquette

    Bingo players should come early to grab a lucky seat and sit close to the caller. When the action starts up, please quiet down so you won't disturb other players. Bingo players pride themselves on being prepared, so always make sure to have a few daubers and have your lucky charm ready before you start. If you're the lucky winner, make sure to pay attention and speak up when you get Bingo! Nobody wants to "sleep through a Bingo."

    But most important, have fun! Bingo is back at Casino Arizona!

  • Bingo Lingo!

    Read this handy guide to Casino Arizona bingo chat terms. Popular bingo games, calls, expressions and nicknames - explained below.

    Bingo Bonanza:
    A special bingo game involving sealed cards with numbers revealed only after purchase. Features a large progressive amount for any bingo made within the first 50 numbers called, or a consolation prize for a bingo after 50 numbers.

    Bingo Pattern:
    A predetermined design required to win a bingo game. Each game’s pattern is announced by the Bingo Caller, shown in the bingo program and displayed on boards throughout the Bingo Hall.

    The minimum purchase required to participate in a bingo session. Offered at the admission booth near the Bingo Hall entrance.

    A bingo achieved by marking every number on the card (thus “covering” it).

    Early Birds:
    Special games played prior to the start of the regular bingo session.

    Easy Way Bingo:
    Any bingo made using the Free Space in the center of the card.

    Electronic Bingo:
    The easiest way to play bingo! Gives players an electronic machine that helps them play multiple cards at once—up to 2,000 cards per game!

    Free Space:
    The center square of the card that is “free” and counts towards a winning pattern.

    Hard Way Bingo:
    Any bingo made without using the Free Space in the center of the card.

    L8 Nite Bingo:
    Exciting “midnight” bingo sessions on Friday and Saturday nights at Casino Arizona featuring DJ music and other features that turn our Bingo Hall into one big bingo party!

    Magic Ball:
    Another special bingo game that can be purchased for just $2, $3 or $5, allowing players a chance at an additional jackpot if they complete any main game bingo with one specific number (“magic ball”).

    Paper Bingo:
    Pre-printed paper cards that contain 25 numbers arranged in five vertical columns and five horizontal rows. The least expensive way to buy-in to a bingo game.

    These are bingo games that are not included with your buy-in. The special games may be purchased at the cashier or from a bingo employee at your seat.

    A special game where players pick (manually or randomly) 8 numbers between 1-75 with no duplicates. A large progressive jackpot is won if your 8 numbers are called within the first 20 numbers.

  • Bingo Jackpots

    Bingo jackpots are updated frequently but may not reflect current amounts. Please see the Casino Arizona Bingo Hall for real-time jackpots.
    How to Play Bingo 
  • How to Play Bingo

    Read How To Play Bingo
    Learn some Bingo Lingo 
  • Bingo Schedule
    and Session Details

    4:00pm - Doors Open
    6:30pm - Early Bird Session
    7:00pm - Main Game
    Daily Matinees 
    10:30am - Doors Open
    12:30pm - Early Bird Session
    1:00pm - Main Game
    Friday and Saturday L8 Nite Bingo 
    10:00pm - Doors Open
    midnight - Games begin
    L8-Nite Bingo