Exciting Side Bets

Side Bets & Bonus Wagers!

Casino Arizona offers several exciting side bets to make your blackjack play more interesting and potentially more profitable! Visit our blackjack tables and try your luck with Lucky Ladies, Buster Blackjack, and Push Your Luck Side wagers.

  • Lucky Ladies – Receive payouts anytime your first two cards total twenty. Two queen of hearts in your hand coupled with a dealer blackjack pays the lucky winner 1000 to 1.

  • Buster Blackjack – This is an optional bet that pays off when the dealer busts. Payouts increase with the number of bust cards in the dealer hand. When the player has blackjack, a dealer 7-card bust hand pays a $1000 bonus, and a dealer 8-card bust hand pays an $8000 bonus (must bet $5 to quality for the bonus payout).

  • Push Your Luck – This bet pays 10 to 1 when you push with the dealer. You can still win big when you push!

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