The simple game where picking your favorites can win you a fortune!

    • STEP 1: With a KENO crayon, mark your favorite numbers on a blank KENO ticket. You may mark up to 15 numbers (see KENO pay line for $5.00 and $10.00 special tickets). Mark your numbers with an "X".
    • STEP 2: Indicate the total numbers selected and the amount of your wager in the right margin of your tickets(s).
    • STEP 3: Please have your ticket filled out before you approach the Keno desk. Give your ticket(s), along with the amount of your wager, to one of our friendly KENO employees. You will receive an official game ticket in return. Check this computer-generated ticket to verify that it is accurate. It is the player’s responsibility to see that the official ticket is error-free.
    • STEP 4: Watch one of the KENO display boards located throughout the casino. As the winning numbers are drawn, they will be lit on the boards. Consult the pay line on the following pages to determine how much you have won. If you are unsure of how much you have won, let one of our friendly KENO employees review it for you.
    • STEP 5: Present your winning ticket to one of our friendly KENO employees.** The amount you win depends on the type of ticket you play, the amount of money you wager and the total correct numbers you select.

    The minimum wager on straight ticket(s) is $1.00. Consult the charts in this booklet to learn the cost and payoffs of various tickets.


    Progressive Mega Keno

    Win up to $50,000 or more with Progressive Mega Keno! Mark your Keno ticket for chances to win progressive jackpots that are only getting bigger. View live game results!

    Win big with Mini Keno Tournaments!

    Take a shot at up to $500 in cash during Keno Mini Tournaments at Casino Arizona! Each tournament is open to any player who registers a separate account with Keno personnel for tournament play. First through fourth place will be determined by player winnings earned during the tournament time.

    Tournament Dates:

    • Thursday, June 29, 2017 (starting at 4pm)
    • Monday, July 3, 2017 (starting at 9am)

    Cash Prizes:

    • 1st Place $500.00
    • 2nd Place $400.00
    • 3rd Place $300.00
    • 4th Place $200.00
    • 5th Place $100.00
    • 6th Place $50.00
    • Bonus $25 cash giveaways during tournaments


    Official Rules:

    1. All winnings are paid according to the computer generated ticket(s) only. Any errors not corrected before the game is closed will be computed and paid accordingly. Casino Arizona™ is not responsible for writer errors.
    2. Maximum aggregate payout to all players participating in each game is $250,000.00.
    3. KENO runners are available for your convenience only. Casino Arizona is not responsible if tickets arrive too late for the current game. Wagers are not valid until accepted into the computer system at the KENO computer. Please have your tickets ready. KENO runners are instructed not to wait if tickets are not ready for the current game.
    4. Multi-Race KENO – play one (1) to twenty (20) consecutive KENO games with just one (1) ticket. These tickets must be cashed within 100 games. Mark a ticket and select the number of consecutive games you wish to play. You must play the same ticket on each game.
    5. Multi-race ticket(s) (2 or more games) will not be changed or voided after they are entered into play, unless approved by a Keno supervisor.
    6. Play 21 or more consecutive games on one ticket and come back anytime within the next 30 days to collect your winnings.
    7. All Federal & State tax laws shall apply and are the responsibility of the winning patron (reportable amounts $1500 or more net in one KENO game). Suitable identification (i.e. Drivers License and Social Security Card) are required before payment.
    8. Non-resident aliens are subject to a 30% withholding tax and Casino Arizona is required to deduct such amount before payment.
    9. A $1.00 minimum bet is required on a one game straight ticket(s).
    10. A $.50 wager requires a 10 game minimum.
    11. Way ticket(s) with 3 ways or more may play a minimum of $.25 per way.
    12. To play "QUICK PICKS" simply mark "QP" in the center of your ticket. Let the computer select your numbers. Tell your friendly KENO employee how many numbers you wish to play and the rate you wish to wager.
    13. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. 

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