RV Parking

Overnight Recreational Vehicle Parking

Need a place to park overnight? Station your recreational vehicle at Casino Arizona for only $25 per night. To secure a recreational vehicle parking pass, visit the gift shop to pay your daily fee. Then, visit Lost & Found Security and present your pass. Further direction will be provided at Lost & Found Security.

Official Rules

  1. Talking Stick Resort or Casino Arizona does not assume responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged property in the parking lot.
  2. All vehicles must have current license, registration, and proof of insurance available upon request.
  3. Display the required parking permit (issued by the Security Department) in the front window at all times.
  4. It is required of the Guests to keep the area surrounding the RV clean and free of debris.
  5. No weapons of any kind allowed on property and strictly prohibited inside the buildings.
  6. We do not permit the use of any illegal drugs. Regardless of the occupant’s possession of an Arizona Medical Marijuana card, the use of medical marijuana is not legal at Casino Arizona or the Talking Stick Resort.
  7. We do not permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the parking lot.
  8. It is not permitted to tailgate and / or barbecue
  9. A leash is required for all animals and the owner must dispose of any waste.
  10. We do not permit the dumping of garbage and/or holding tanks on property.
  11. Blinds should be kept closed to ensure privacy.
  12. The assigned RV parking spaces are the only permitted areas to park your RV.
  13. Your duration of stay may not exceed 6 consecutive days within a thirty 30-day period.
  14. The RV overnight policy applies to all class and makes of Recreational Vehicles.

Any violation of casino Recreational Vehicle Overnight policies, Federal, State or Local laws and regulations may result in revocation of overnight stay privileges and your RV may be subject to tow at owner’s expense; all transactions are final and there are no refunds. Security conducts welfare checks and visual inspections of the area on a regular basis.