Straight Jack Blackjack

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Straight Jacksm is a new and exciting blackjack side bet that wins if your first two cards make a straight—but it doesn’t end there. When you hit your hand, the longer the straight, the more you win!

How to Play Straight Jack

Make the Straight Jack bet by placing a wager in the marked area in addition to your regular blackjack wager. The first dollar of every progressive wager contributes to the progressive meter.


You win if your first two cards are of consecutive rank (a straight). The order of the cards does not matter—a 3 followed by a 4, or a 4 followed by a 3, both are winners. Every time you hit your hand, if it makes the straight longer, your payout increases.

If you bust while extending your straight (e.g. hitting 5-4-6 and getting a 7), the bust card does not count toward payouts. In that example, you would have a three-card straight.

If your first two cards do not make a straight, your Straight Jack bet loses.

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