World Poker Tour

World Poker Tour!

World Poker Tour All-In Hold ‘em is an exciting variant of the popular Texas Hold ‘em game that is found in poker rooms worldwide. You can call the dealer, and see the action unfold as the dealer reveals the community cards!

How to Play

This is a Texas Hold ‘em game this is played against the dealer. Each player will place a blind ante wager and be dealt two cards. The player can then “call” the dealer by placing an additional wager that is 3X the blind ante. The player has the option to fold their cards and forfeit only the blind ante. The dealer must qualify with a two card point total of eleven. If the dealer does not quality, the blind ante is paid. If the dealer qualifies, five community cards will be revealed, and the dealer will compare their best five card hand with the player’s best five card hand to determine the outcome.

WPT players can make additional bonus wagers on their two hole cards and on their five card final hand. Suited hole cards, pairs, and an Ace/King suited all receive payouts on the hold card bonus. Poker hands from three of a kind on up receive payouts on the final hand bonus.

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