Gypsy Roses

Gypsy Roses - Tribute to Guns N' Roses


welcome to the jungle

Meet Gypsy Roses, a world-class tribute band dedicated to the invigorating energy and rebellious spirit of Guns N’ Roses. This supergroup of seasoned musicians delivers an electrifying performance that captures the raw charisma and technical prowess of the original band.

On drums, we have Mike Dupke, whose rhythmic intensity has powered Wednesday 13. Accompanying him on guitar is Miles Schon, a consummate session guitarist and son to Journey's Neal Schon, imbuing the group with a legacy of rock pedigree.

Our lead vocalist is Ari Kamin, a vocal powerhouse whose performance experience includes sharing the stage with Steven Adler, Guns N’ Roses' original drummer. His electric stage presence and impressive vocal range capture the distinct style of Axl Rose, giving audiences an authentic taste of the Guns N’ Roses magic.

Alex Rodriguez, the band's bassist, brings the groove with his solid bass lines. His experience with War and Icons of Rock gives the band its steady, rumbling backbone. Lastly, on the guitar, we have Johnny Mayo, whose electrifying solos and rhythm playing add the final touch to the band's sound.

Gypsy Roses is not only a tribute to Guns N’ Roses but also a celebration of their peers and rock and roll heroes. Just like their namesake, they embrace a nomadic, free-spirited approach to music, roaming through various styles and influences. This is Gypsy Roses, the ultimate tribute, a band that not only plays music but lives it.


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