Photo Video Acknowledgment

notice of filming and photography

When entering Casino Arizona please note that you are entering an area where photography, audio and/or video recording for promotional use may be taking place.

By entering the premises, you hereby grant consent to Casino Arizona and/or its assigns and waive all rights and claims to use of your image and voice in any and all media; including advertising, marketing, websites and social media throughout the world in perpetuity for no compensation.

If you do not wish to grant these rights, please do not enter the premises. Thank you.


Photo Release Information

Without right to any additional compensation or consideration, I, being of full and legal age, consent to the use of my name, voice, image, likeness, and any and all attributes of my personality ("Appearance"), in, on or in connection with any film, audio tape, video tape, audio-visual work, photograph, illustration, animation, broadcast, product packaging, advertising, or promotional material, in any media or embodiment, now known or unknown, including, without limitation, all formats of computer readable media (collectively, the “Works”), produced by or for the benefit of The Salt River Gaming Enterprises or any of its affiliates, agents or licensees (collectively, the "Casino"). Without right to any additional compensation or consideration, I further consent to the use of any images, trademarks, videos or other materials provided to Casino by me or my agents (“Materials”). I represent and warrant that I have the authority to grant, and do hereby grant, Casino all rights necessary to use the Materials in connection with the Works. I expressly waive any and all rights to publicity that I have or may have arising out of my Appearance in the Works and the use of the Materials. I hereby assign to Casino any and all claims of copyright I may have in the Works, including, but not limited to, the rights to use, print, produce, publish, copy, display, perform, exhibit, transmit, broadcast, disseminate, market, advertise, sell, lease, license, transfer, modify, and create derivative works of the Works in any media or format, now known or unknown, for any purpose whatsoever.