Back to Back Blackjack

Win up to $1,000 with triple Blackjacks!

Play on Sundays between February 14 and March 28 to receive bonuses when you hit back to back and back to back to back blackjacks. Receive 2 consecutive blackjacks and automatically win a $100 bonus. Choose to forfeit the $100 bonus and receive a third consecutive blackjack for a $1,000 bonus!

Every Sunday, 11am – 1pm & 3pm – 5pm


How to Win

  • Play at any blackjack table with a valid player’s card and wager at least $15 on the main bet.
  • Anytime a player receives back to back blackjacks on consecutive dealt hands to the same spot, the player has an option to receive a $100 bonus or decline it and attempt to win a $1,000 bonus.
  • If the player accepts the $100 bonus, the player is no longer eligible for the back to back to back $1,000 bonus until the next time he/she gets a back to back blackjack.
  • If the player wants to attempt to win the back to back to back bonus, the Dealer will flip over button to the side marked “Back to Back” in front of their wager to signify they are playing for the back to back to back bonus.
  • If the player gets a third blackjack in a row, he/she will win $1,000.If the player fails to get the third blackjack in a row, no bonus is paid for the previous 2 or the attempted third blackjack.