MAY 2024 | Monday Money Madness

Table Games Exclusive Giveaway!

Mondays in May • Noon-7PM & 6PM-8PM


  • Salt River Rewards members playing table games will receive a manual entry every 30 minutes beginning at 12:30pm until 6:30pm. Guests playing in High Limits will receive two entries.
  • Table Game team members will fill the tickets out with eligible guest complete name and SRR account number.
  • Tickets may be deposited at 5pm each drawing day. Eligible tickets may be deposited by guest or a table games representative.
  • Entries do not accumulate and drawing drum will be emptied at the end of each drawing day.
  • Entry tickets may not be given to or shared with other table games players.



  • At the time of a drawing, an Enterprises team member will draw an entry from the manual drawing drum.
  • Once the winning name is selected and announced, winner will have five minutes to notify the emcee and claim their prize in person. If the prize goes unclaimed due to time or inability to verify the Salt River Rewards member, a new name will be drawn until the prize is awarded.
  • The name on manual entry must match valid government issued identification and SRR membership information at the time the prize is claimed.  
  • At each drawing time, one winner receives: 6PM = $500, 7pm = $750 and 8pm = $1,000. Prize payouts will be awarded in gaming chips.



  • To win, guests must be 21 years of age or older and a Salt River Rewards member to be considered eligible to receive a manual entry.  Guest may win once per drawing day.
  • Winners must present a valid government issued identification to receive any prizes. If matching identification cannot be provided, then the winner will not be verified and no prize will be awarded.